Wellon Lux Vape Pen Review

The Air Bar Lux is a luxury disposable vape that comes in a variety of fruit flavors. This 450mAh battery vape has three automatic protections and a transparent window. Its flavor selection is authentic, and it has a 2.7ml vape juice capacity. This vaporizer combines nicotine with fruits to create a taste experience that is genuinely unique. The user can expect up to 1000 puffs per charge.

Air Bar Lux is a luxury disposable vape

The Air Bar Lux is a disposable vape with a draw-activated battery that comes with over 20 different flavors. The flavors range from fruit-based flavors (Raspberry Grapefruit) to drink-based flavors (Red Bull Ice). The vape is pre-filled with nicotine salts solution and has an LED on the bottom that lights up when you use it.

This vape comes with a 500-mAh battery that is built into the device. It has a rounded design and a soft-tipped mouthpiece. The Air Bar Lux is also completely disposable, which is a major bonus.

It has a 450 mAh battery

The Wellon¬†Lux vape¬†pen boasts a 450mAh battery. That’s a higher capacity than the 200mAh battery of the JUUL, and double that of the SMOK Infinix. However, it’s hard to judge a vape’s battery life by its looks. The Lux kit is extremely slim and light, but it still delivers a decent flavorful hit.

The Lux vape uses pods, which are very similar to other vape pens. The pods are packaged in a separate blister pack. The fill ports are located at the top and are sealed by two plugs on the inside of the plastic mouthpiece. The fill holes are tiny, however, so you may need a syringe or a slim gorilla bottle needle to fill the pods.

It has three automatic protections

Lux vapes are highly portable, and they are known to come with three automatic protections. During auto firing, the vaporizer will fire without you ever pressing the button. This can happen when you place the device in your purse or pocket, or in a drawer. It is important to know what to do if auto firing occurs, so that you can quickly fix the issue.

It has a transparent window

The Lux vape has a transparent window for easy viewing of the contents inside. This flavored e-cigarette also features a micro USB charging port and an 8ml pre-filled e-liquid. It also comes with 50mg of nicotine and can deliver up to 3500 puffs. It is available in several different flavors.

It comes in four colors

The Lux vape comes in black, silver, rose gold, and champagne gold. The vape is designed to be refilled without the need to take out the pod. To do this, simply push the mouthpiece back and expose the large fill hole and small airhole. The pods are clear and will show if you are low.

The Lux vape pen is a pen-style device that uses a 510 tank and has adjustable voltage. It has a preheat time of 10 seconds, and it is compatible with a variety of atomizers. Because of its design, it’s easy to use and is also comfortable to carry around. Moreover, it’s made of sturdy metal, which is not only stylish but also durable. It has an anti-leakage design and is designed to be safe to use in public places.